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in Ashland, Oregon 

An 8-month Transformational Program
Designed for Embodying
Authenticity, Intimacy & Leadership


Who is this Program for?

  • evolutionary entrepreneurs dedicated to leading conscious, authentic businesses¬†¬†
  • professionals and community leaders desiring to serve in greater ways through¬†expressing their authentic passions and gifts
  • innovators, artists & change agents ready to initiate new creative projects
  • sacred activists desiring to make a genuine contribution
  • those on a path of conscious evolution

Throughout the 8-month program, each participant
will be successfully manifesting an Outer Project
& embracing an Inner Transformation of their choice.

About Gavin & Joy


A licensed spiritual therapist & leadership mentor to entrepreneurs, Gavin has offered Soul-inspired counseling and workshops for over 40 years. He specializes in supporting individuals and couples in their career and life transitions, with an emphasis on authenticity, intimacy, and creativity.

He is an ordained minister and served on faculty for 16 years at the University of Santa Monica, co-facilitating the transformational Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology. He is the author of the bestselling book, THE REAL YOU: Leading Your Life from Your Authentic Self, and the creator of Soul Gatherings, an online community series supporting the Soul-inspired Leadership Program.


An intuitive business strategist and spiritual leadership and authenticity coach, Joy is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul-Inspired Life and is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

She served as a college faculty member, developing and teaching leadership courses for entrepreneurs. Creator of The Business Soul Map, a transformational process for progressive entrepreneurs, and facilitator of A Women’s Way of Awakening, Joy weaves her decades of experience as a licensed massage therapist, certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, ordained priestess, and yoga instructor.

Joy and Gavin are immersed in a treasured spiritual partnership. They live in the forested mountains and alpine lakes of Mt Shasta in far Northern California and regularly enjoy playing in nature together. They’re immensely grateful for their soul friendship on fire, and share a lifetime devotion to designing and facilitating soul-inspired workshops and products that support those on a healing and awakening journey.

The Soul-Inspired Leadership Program
is designed to support you 
in birthing
the next season of your life's expression by...

Manifesting your
heart’s desires


The program is a powerful incubator. Throughout the
8-month journey, each participant will be successfully manifesting an Outer Project and embracing an Inner Transformation.

Establishing deeper residence in the presence of your Soul


Anchor new levels of profound connection with your Divine presence‚ÄĒwith stillness and inspiration becoming the source and foundation for living all aspects of your life.

Activating the blessings & power of a sacred community


Access a generous, wide-ranging network of personal and professional resources to activate soul-inspired momentum in natural and integrated ways.

Embracing freedom through healing compassion


A central emphasis of the program is identifying our unique Soul curriculum and learning practical tools that free ourselves from unconscious, limiting patterns.

vibrant health



The program fosters an intimate, relaxed relationship with your body, including connecting to its inherent wisdom and establishing a conscious pattern of choosing optimal well-being.


Program Summary

In an intimate group of no more than twenty participants to assure personalized support and the development of a deeply bonded community, the program utilizes a rich mixture of innovative and multi-sensory processes, including Soul somatic integrations, meditation & ceremony, movement & dance, healing music, and sacred dreamwork.

Program Specifics

Your enrollment will include eight in-person monthly gatherings, seven online evening sessions, program workbooks, art supplies, and a dedicated online community discussion/resource center.

Upon program completion, participants will have the option to embark on a three-month Soul-Inspired Living Facilitator Certification Program.

Program Schedule

With over 65 years of experience designing and facilitating transformational programs, Gavin and Joy have purposefully crafted the program to be in-depth and on-purpose while also being a graceful complement to your existing life commitments.

In-person program sessions meet from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Program Location

The program will be held at a gorgeous private sanctuary retreat facility in Ashland, Oregon surrounded by forest, ponds, hiking trails, and outdoor ceremonial spaces which invite a nourishing immersion in the majesty of nature.

The gifts of being an intimate member of this sacred community include...

  • living more authentically and joyfully¬†
  • anchoring a fierce trust in your intuition to successfully navigate life decisions with wise discernment¬†(saving immense heartache, time and money)
  • enhancing your relationships with greater honesty and intimacy
  • successfully creating a steady stream of financial wealth
  • opening to new levels of grounded confidence and leadership in your profession

Are you traversing a fertile season of inviting groundbreaking new possibilities into your life? 

This rare opportunity is for you when...

  • you feel like you've hit an internal and external plateau‚ÄĒand are at a crossroads in your evolution
  • you have a gnawing sense that new levels of aliveness and achievement are close at hand, yet you don't know how to access and manifest them
  • in these unprecedented times of global chaos and uncertainty, you seek greater rootedness in the strength and wisdom of your heart
  • you long to make an even more significant contribution to the lives of others by sharing your unique gifts in more unbridled ways
  • you would like the wholehearted support of a long-term, sacred community to activate profound confidence in your ability to successfully manifest your dreams

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling called and want to learn more?

We invite you to connect with Gavin or Joy
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and explore 
whether the Soul-Inspired
Leadership Program is a good fit for you. 

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