As soon as Gavin and I had our first call, everything shifted. Our work genuinely transformed the way I think about myself. What I tell anyone when they ask what it is like to work with Gavin is that it is like unlocking everything and you see it clearly for the first time.

~ Rachel Bell, Founder, Online Coach University


He is very real, human, intensely compassionate, and masterful in his craft...

“I've crossed the unknown sea with Gavin Frye as my steady guide. During our work together, I left my previous profession and went back to school to do something that is wholeheartedly ME. Gavin helped me find that place deep within that held my dream and than reflected back my own courage to go for it. When I would veer off, his precision consciousness would immediately realign me with my vision. He is very real, human, intensely compassionate, and masterful in his craft and profession.”

~ Betsy Horowitz, Hair Stylist 



"Working with and experiencing the tremendous fullness of Gavin’s being

—his loving presence, compassion, levity, insight, knowledge, and genuine wisdom—has greatly assisted me in joyously connecting with my own rich inner guidance that fuels my greater authentic expression.”

~ Michael Kelley, Marriage & Family Therapist 



Gavin holds a profoundly safe and inviting space...

“Highly attuned to Spirit, Gavin holds a profoundly safe and inviting space where great healing, empowerment and transformation seem to take place spontaneously. Working extensively with Gavin, I am continuously awed, inspired and humbled by his depth of loving attunement to me and my unfolding life's process personally, professionally and spiritually. Gavin listens and sees me on all levels in a profoundly loving, soul-nourishing and transformative way."

~ Gregory Vahanian, Transformational Life Coach



Our sessions were filled with love...

“You were very accepting of me which allowed me to be more accepting of myself. Our sessions were filled with love, joy, and laughter. There is not any way to describe your style except to say during the sessions you were an ego-less man flowing with “what is” and allowing the natural healing process to unfold. You hold a wonderful space for the client to allow Spirit to come through them and help them heal.”

~ Steve Fieldman, Spiritual Counselor

“I can easily see that my life, my fulfillment, my ability to be on-purpose, to show up and evolve the way that I have over the last number of years—wouldn’t have ever happened if it weren’t for Gavin.”

                           ~ Scott Oldford, Business Mentor & Investor


"I am so appreciative of your style as a therapist...

...so gentle, yet strong, and so incredibly intuitive. I have received so many blessings over the last few years from our work together. The sacred space you have held for my process of growth and learning has allowed me to see in myself what you see in me: my beauty, strength, vulnerability, gentleness, and even my child-like innocence through which I’ve learned to see the world.” 

~ Tammi Scott, Relationship Coach  



I feel fully supported and encouraged to go to my edge...

“It’s difficult to describe what it’s like to work with Gavin without using superlatives. Gavin is funny, solid, compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, modestly confident and adventurous — a human being of unsurpassed integrity. I imagine Gavin as one of my angels embodied into human form. He hears what I say, what I feel but haven’t said, and most importantly what I have not yet allowed myself to hear within my own consciousness. I feel fully supported and encouraged to go to my edge on every level. Working with Gavin is like having a staff meeting with Spirit. It is a divine privilege.”

~ Rory Cohen, President, Time for Ten



I was being held in a most sacred space...

 “I remember coming face to face with you for the very first time and knowing, that no matter how swollen my eyes were, how terrified I was to be in the place I happened to be in at that time, or how chaotic my attention was, that I was being held in a most sacred space and that I was simply loved. If there were a single thing (and there ISN’T) that I could point my finger to and say, "There...that thing....that is what Gavin is about," it would be your immense capacity to be loving and compassionate in the face of anything.”

~ Dr. Carla Rotering, Pulmonologist



“Gavin creates a sacred space in his presence...

...that is at once absolutely anchored in Spirit while responding from his store of personal wisdom and experience. He allowed me to direct my own creative forces to find the healing inside myself. His brilliance is in his profound ability to create an environment where great things can happen. In his presence I have felt safe, recognized, supported, inspired, transcendent, authentic, humor, and love. As I move forward into the world as a professional counselor in my own right, I hope that I have assimilated some of the essence of how Gavin creates an empowering environment for change and Self-recognition.” 

~ Kendell Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor



You were the first man that I felt safe enough to work with...

“Before working with you, I had always worked only with women on the issues of childhood sexual abuse. You were the first man that I felt safe enough to work with. There were particular blessings of healing that came about with you partly because of just who you are as a counselor, but also because you are a man. I am so grateful for how you show up as a powerful, loving man in that role.”

~ Marigrace Lonergan, Group Facilitator

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