"To open to a steady flow of generous intimacy with another, each partner must be dedicated to cultivating a rich connection with their inner life, which then becomes available to pour into the outer relationship.”

~ Gavin

Couples Work with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

When approached wisely and skillfully, a committed intimate relationship provides a uniquely powerful vehicle to support each partner in awakening to the joys and depth of their Authentic Selves. It is a privilege to hold sacred space in support of a couple’s rich, conscious evolution. 

I’ve discovered that a committed, loving relationship has two primary purposes. The first is the joy of long-term companionship and the exhilarating journey of building a shared life together. As this takes place, a second and often fiercer purpose unfolds. Given the inherent design of intimate relationships, each partner is provided the opportunity to consciously heal their unresolved issues. As most of our emotional wounds were seeded in key relationships early in life, it is typically through a committed relationship where these issues surface so they can be healed and transformed in love.

I’ve successfully facilitated transformational work with hundreds of couples, and in the last few years have specialized in supporting couples facing the unique pressures and dynamics that accompany an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

When each partner comes into an awareness of the healing opportunities afforded by their relationship, they can harvest new levels of maturity and joyful companionship. This divinely orchestrated catalyst for awakening is a blessing.

Richly woven within every successful long-term partnership is a genuine appreciation for this tender and dynamic alchemical process. Yet, it is empowering only if both partners are willing to embrace being vulnerable and transparent with each other about their healing journeys. Conversely, relationships not anchored in conscious acceptance and cooperation with this deeper journey are often short-lived and marked by negative patterns of projection, blame, hurt and loneliness.

I’ve found the most effective process for supporting couples is by offering a structured, therapeutic container over time that interweaves both couples sessions and one-on-one sessions with each partner. This sustained commitment, tailored to each couple, optimally harvests the transformational potential.


The core benefits of my work with couples include:

  • learning advanced skills that naturally facilitate conscious, compassionate communication
  • greater levels of depth and emotional maturity
  • welcoming a return of the profound joy and closeness present during initial courtship
  • empower each partner in being able to gracefully navigate their internal healing process
  • building a solid foundation for successful long-term commitment and, if desired, the creation of a healthy family through effective parenting
  • embracing deeper levels of passionate, sacred lovemaking—a natural by-product of genuine intimacy

If you and your partner are open to engaging in this intimate, committed journey, I welcome hearing from you.


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My beloved Joy and I offer Couples Immersion retreats for up to four couples at a time in the majestic beauty of Mt Shasta, California. During this 3-day intensive, we invite couples into profound levels of intimacy through a variety of experiential practices, discovery processes and communing with nature.

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