Mastermind Program with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

"As you steadily honor the direction of your heart,
you carve a groove of forward momentum that is
unstoppable. Acting on your intentions changes
the entire landscape of your life.” ~ Gavin

Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor
Soul-Centered Leadership with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

Mentoring + Mastermind Program

a pioneering program offered over six months with a carefully
selected group of 15 progressive entrepreneurs

I invite you to be a part of the Soul-Centered Leadership community and birth the next season of your entrepreneurial expression. The centerpiece of this program involves personal transformation and taking a deeper cut in your own evolution.

Being in touch with who you are at a core level, as a vessel of divine power, will determine your entrepreneurial destiny.

Here’s a brief video which captures the distinctive nature of this program:

Clients Are Saying about Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

“For many years, I had a heartfelt dream to take my work of facilitating women’s empowerment circles into women’s shelters and prisons, but could not get myself to move forward in action. At that point in my journey I chose into Gavin’s mastermind program, and the creative parts of me became activated and my natural flow of action steps began taking place almost effortlessly. The whole next level of my women’s empowerment work has now blossomed.”

~ Marigrace Lonergan-Gleason,
Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Gavin helped me navigate some really trying times by helping me connect with what my Authentic Self truly desired — and in making some really tough decisions. I love Gavin so dearly — he is soul family for me.”

~ Michelle Rogers, Founder,
Health Consultant & Business Guide,
The WELLthy Woman Investor-Gleason

An Extraordinary Opportunity with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

Soul-Centered Leadership is an intimate group of no more than 15 participants to ensure personalized support and the development of a deeply bonded community. It utilizes a unique mixture of one-on-one master mentoring combined with innovative group transformational processes (including Groundswell manifestation sessions, artistic expression, inspirational poetry and dream work).

After decades of designing and facilitating transformational programs, I have purposefully crafted this program for entrepreneurs to be in-depth, on-purpose and adventurous while also being a relaxed complement to your existing life commitments.

“In Gavin’s mastermind program, we became aware in a new way of the beauty and confidence of the Soul as it unfolds in the presence of loving acceptance. The group’s tremendous support helped us both in triumphantly writing and publishing long-simmering books.”

~ Dr. Bob Jacoby, PhD
and Mary Lou Jacoby, MSW

Benefits from Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

The Soul-Centered Leadership program is uniquely designed to inspire and support you to:

Authenticity with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Establishing a deeper residence in your Authentic Self, with its wellspring of depth and wisdom serving as the foundation for your life. The most impactful and inspiring leaders on this planet are led by their Authentic Self. You will develop a conscious partnership with Spirit and a fierce trust in your intuition.

Manifest Dreams with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Sacred manifestation: receive inspiration and support in discovering and expressing your unique gifts and calling. The program serves as a powerful incubator for articulating your dreams and courageously manifesting them. During the 6-month program, you will be supported in identifying and moving forward on an entrepreneurial project deeply aligned with your Authentic Self. Open more fully to a consciousness of wealth on all levels.

Inner & Outer Leadership with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Cultivating the art of leading an Authentic Self-led business, which naturally results in establishing new levels of natural confidence and success. When your Authentic Self takes the lead, gratitude becomes your operating system, heart-centered wisdom guides your choices, doors of opportunity have a way of magically opening, resilience and endurance are more available when facing challenges, and the right people often come into your life at just the right time.

Embrace Freedom with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Awakening a reverence for the lifelong process of transformation. Embrace freedom through healing compassion and radically shift your view of yourself and your life journey. Learn practical healing tools that lead to greater freedom from unconscious, limiting patterns. Unresolved and unintegrated emotions can sabotage business success. By embracing vulnerability as an entryway into your own depth and truth, become more anchored in living joyfully and effectively in the present.

Vibrant Health with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Cultivating physical well-being as a foundation for sustained focus, productivity and creating wealth on all levels. Open new levels of honoring your body as a sacred temple. Connecting to your body's inherent wisdom and establish conscious, sustained patterns of loving Self-care.

Sacred Community with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor



Partaking of the blessings of sacred community. Be deeply nourished by and contribute to the synergy of an intimate group. Celebrate each other’s expansion and successes. Sacred community is where we draw tremendous strength from the flow of Spirit to effect powerful individual change. Have access to a generous, wide-ranging network of personal and professional resources, and accomplish forward movement in natural and integrated ways

Online Program Structure with Gavin Frye, Spiritual Therapist & Leadership Mentor

There will be approximately 4 hours per week of program engagement comprised of:

  • Two one hour 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Gavin each month
  • Two 3 hour group retreats each month, facilitated by Gavin
  • Two 90 minute group mentoring sessions with Gavin each month
  • Two 90 minute Groundswell manifestation sessions with Gavin each month (providing exponential support for your project from the entire group)
  • 24/7 access to all session recordings
  • 24/7 private Facebook group for community sharing, networking and heartfelt support throughout the program
  • Integrated teachings and exercises from Gavin’s recently completed book: THE REAL YOU: Leading Your Life From Your Authentic Self

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Meade

Program Cost:

  • $12,000 (if paid in full)
  • $13,200 (if paid in installments — $2,200 deposit plus 5 additional monthly payments of $2,200)

Participants will be selected via an application process. Your payment in full or deposit, along with an approved Program Application, formally reserves your space in the program.

Program Dates:

The next Soul-Centered Leadership Mentoring + Mastermind program will be held February through July, 2024.

You are invited to participate in this in-depth sacred community of like-minded, paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs. The program is designed to provide you with the safe space, loving support, motivation and accountability you need to step into your next levels of authenticity, intimacy and leadership. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your possible participation in the program. To request a Soul-Centered Leadership Program Application, simply email me at [email protected].


“Among the countless gifts I discovered was a compassionate, loving and completely supportive community that created a safe harbor for unexpected, exponential growth. Gavin’s highly attuned intuitive gifts provided the steady anchor for this exquisitely well-designed program.”

~ Mia Korf,
Entrepreneur & Musician

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