Program Application

The next step is to completed the Program Application.  The questions are designed to assist you in clarifying and activating your heartfelt intentions for the program, to assist us in selecting an aligned, committed group of participants, and to help us learn how we can most effectively support you as we travel this sacred journey together.

Simply copy and paste the application into an e-mail and once completed, forward it to Gavin via email…

We will notify you of your acceptance to the program as soon as we receive and review your completed Program Application. Your space is secured in the program only when you have paid in full or placed a $425 deposit — and your completed Program Application has been received and approved.

Thank you!


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Application Questions

We invite you to set aside some quality, sacred time with yourself as you capture your responses to the application questions below. Feel free to allow your responses to be whatever length you’d like. As a form of blessing before you begin, here is a quote which speaks to the experience of empowerment that comes from Self-discovery and revelation:

“Life is about working along the nerve of your most intimate sensitivity, and confronting the issues at the center of your life. Ask me what I think I am living for, in detail, and ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully. Between these two answers you can determine the identity of any person.”
– Thomas Merton


1) Describe an object in or around your home that you hold as sacred, and please share the personal meaning it symbolizes for you.

2) Please share about 4-5 life expressions that make you come alive, followed by capturing all that you know, at this time, about the next season of your life’s expression.

3) As honestly as you can, please describe 2-3 specific challenges or limiting life patterns you have faced in the past that have kept you from opening more fully to life’s greater flow of love and fulfillment.

4) How might participating in the Sacred Passages Program assist you in wholeheartedly embracing what’s next in your life?

5) What are some of the most powerful personal growth-catalyzing experiences you’ve participated in during your life?

6) What is the current status of your finances, and how, specifically, are you planning to be able to afford the program costs?

7) Please let us know what you have found that is most supportive to you and your growth when you’re participating in an intimate group setting.

8) As you initially read the Sacred Passages Program brochure, were there any phrases that stood out to you, that perhaps struck a chord or stirred your decision to take the program?

9) Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you, or that might assist us in supporting you to receive the most from your participation in the Sacred Passages Program?