Nourishing Our Roots


One of the most wonderful images that serves as a metaphor for human growth is the tree. Trees are amazingly wise creatures. The “tree of life” as a powerful symbol has been recounted in folklore, culture and fiction throughout time. In the Celtic tradition, they have a wonderful sense of the sacredness of trees, and how trees carry a deeply healing and nourishing spirit. (One of my favorite memories is reading stories aloud to the boys during homeschooling while they climb and hang out in trees.)

While the fall tree in the photo above is extraordinarily beautiful, what I find most compelling is the nest of roots at its base that is like a vibrant placenta in its relationship with the earth. For most of my life, I have been drawn with curiosity to the mystery of trees, and to the network of roots that spread below — purposefully and patiently searching in the dark, moist earth for water to nourish the part of the tree that is visible above ground. I remember when I was first told that the roots of many trees are so extensive that they often extend as deep down into the ground as the trunk and branches spread high. Ever since, every tree I see with my eyes is only the upper half, as I know that it is the roots that sustain the tree.

In a similar way, with nature as a sacred teacher, I find myself reflecting upon the roots of my life. After all these years of personal and spiritual growth, the saving grace of existence is the vibrant reality that at my deepest core I am Love. In my healing work with others, for as long as I can remember, I have carried a vibrant faith that underneath all pain and challenge is an enduring love and wisdom that carries and sustains us all — the knowing that the roots of our existence are divine.

Thankfully, I keep discovering deeper levels of this love, and find myself invited to share it more with others. As I continually discover new ways of touching into the presence of loving compassion that flows through me and is me, I am reminded of these words:

“Take the time to enter

into the warmth and graciousness

of God within you. Go inside to Spirit,

to your own loving nature.”

~ John-Roger

When it comes to nourishing the roots of my being, I continue to be astonished by the power of simply taking time most days to quietly be with myself in a meditative way. Amazingly, after close to 30 years, I am still at a loss as to how meditation works the way it does. For me, it is like relaxing and dropping into a “V” inside, into a relationship with an invisible umbilical cord between me and Spirit that I give myself permission to open to and be nourished by. This is one of the most rich ways I have of consciously connecting with my placenta, if you will, of opening to the roots of my being and touching into the deeper, sacred waters of life.

As we walk through this powerful time of turbulence and change in our outer world, I find it all the more important to make the time to spend sacred time with myself (oftentimes the wisest course of action when I am out of balance and longing to find my center). I extend my blessings your way as you make room to invest in watering and nourishing the roots of your being — in whatever ways that work for you.


by Lynn Park

Take the time to pray —

it is the sweet oil that eases the hinge into the garden

so the doorway can swing open easily.

You can always go there.

Consider yourself blessed.

These stones that break your bones

will build the altar of your love…

Give everything away except your garden,

Your worry, your fear, your small mindedness.

Your garden can never be taken from you.

Many blessings your way throughout this week, Gavin

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