Longing for Love


Everything is connected

Each word each leaf

Each poem drawn

And held together

By the thread

Of our own experience

And the longing of

Our own soul

To follow the vine

Back to its root

~ John Millar

Throughout the many years I’ve been on a spiritual path, I’ve thankfully found myself continually opening to a wide range of avenues and teachers and experiences that assist me in awakening to deeper levels of love. I’ve often found that a new season of connecting more deeply to the divine is preceded by a period of heartfelt longing, perhaps of darkness, or of some measure of divine discontent. Following the whispering lead of this longing has always ushered me in new directions, inwardly and outwardly, that support me in extending my “roots” deeper down into the moist soil of life to receive new levels of sacred nourishment.

“There is only one ancient and forever work of art: the slow fashioning of life

and the gradual awakening of Love. The invitation to participate in Love’s

measured emergence is our call. Our yearning is to meet that Love face to face.

The call to awaken is an invitation to adventure — one lived on life’s

frontier — and the common experience of awakening lies at the root

of every tradition, every authentic spiritual teaching.”

~ Anne Hillman, Awakening the Energies of Love

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of being asked to lead a memorial service for my dear friend, Catherine Engel. It was an extraordinary service of celebration, as Catherine was a woman who gave herself permission in her life to open deeply to a wide range of spiritual traditions, including profound connections with Tibetan Buddhism, Catholic mysticism, Native American Sioux, as a devoted student of the Indian teacher, Sai Baba, as well as being an initiate and minister with John-Roger in the Movement of Spiritual Awareness. She knew in her bones and in her expansive heart that all these forms ushered her to the divine formless within, and she courageously followed her longing to know and taste Love in so many rich ways throughout her life.

For the last two months, I have been immersed in studies and experiential work with a vibrant, wise, and extraordinarily generous Indian mystic, Sadhguru Vasedev. As with all new turns in my spiritual path, it was not something I was looking for, but once my soul encountered this man and his presence I knew there was a rich harvest that I was being invited to partake of. During this time, I have surrendered in new ways to the energies of healing and Love, opened to a greater level of awe for the process of creation, deepened in my reverence for nature, moved into much-welcomed levels of honoring my body through conscious nutrition and sacred movement/ dance, and am integrated new devotional forms into to my morning and evening spiritual practice. I am very grateful for this new wave of blossoming, and to be a continual apprentice to Love.

Speaking of our longings and how we are often being invited to open our hearts to the divine in new ways, here’s one of my favorite poems:


by Hafiz

No one can keep us from carrying God

wherever we go.

No one can rob His Name

from our heart as we try to relinquish our fears

and at last stand — Victorious.

We do not have to leave Him in the mosque

or church alone at night;

we do not have to be jealous of tales of saints

or glorious masts, those intoxicated souls

who can make outrageous love with the Friend.

We do not have to be envious of our spirit’s ability

which can sometimes touch God in a dream.

Our yearning eyes, our warm-needing bodies,

can all be drenched in contentment and Light.

No one anywhere can keep us

from carrying the Beloved wherever we go.

No one can rob His precious Name

from the rhythm of my heart,

steps and breath.

Blessings to your own longings — and tastings — of the miraculous energies of Love,


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  1. Anne Hillman says:

    July 4, 2009

    Beautiful, as always, Gavin. The photograph of the leaf is stunning and your commentary moving. Thank you for quoting Awakening the Energies of Love. Blessings and Love, Anne Hillman

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