Keep It All Moving



Do not fail

to learn from

the pure voice of an

ever-flowing mountain stream

splashing over the rocks.

~ Anonymous

My good friend, poet and author Bill Goldberg, has gifted my life in so many rich ways. He’s turned me on to the mystery and wisdom held in great poetry, and also deepened my love for the beauty and healing presence of nature. He also introduced me to a very simple and potent four-word life principle: keep it all moving. As I experience it, this principle honors the underlying reality that life is designed as a flow, as a dynamic process of movement.

Just like physicists have discovered that seemingly solid stones and metals are made up of millions and millions of dynamically moving molecules, our consciousness and our lives are in a fluid dance with the world around us. Thus, it is by keeping things moving that we can move into greater alignment with our deeper nature and the abundant flow of life.

Remembering how the flow of water in nature, like the photograph of the river above, is for me a mirror for the principle of keeping things moving, I am reminded of these words:

“I would love to live like a river flows,

carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

~ John O’Donohue

When I am in pain in my life, I often discover that I have unknowingly become passive in my approach, and thus moved out of the nourishing flow of creation. At times like these, the enlivening process of keep it all moving manifests itself in a myriad of ways: through meditation where I move deeper into myself and my vibrational nature; through full-bodied breathing that comes with aerobic exercise; by opening my heart to my own compassion through Self-forgiveness; by taking a small action step towards a goal and experiencing the flow of creativity and momentum; or through reaching out to my wife or friends for support when I am feeling isolated and receiving the gift of their vibrant, nourishing love.

I continue to discover that my beingness — who I am as a Soul — is awake and fluid by nature. Here’s a poem I wrote this past year:


by Gavin James Frye

Out of the ground

is born all things.

The ground of being,

of inspiration,

of pain,

of ease.

Flow is our divine right.

To know our own colors

is rapture.

To extend to others

and bless and care for them

is our blessing.

Arise, allow the wind

to blow through your

branches and sing.

The earth is our friend,

as it is the place

we stand — and dance!

May you find yourself this week making new discoveries about how you can keep it all moving in your lives, and thus be in greater harmony with the vibrant, dynamic nature of your Soul. With much Loving, Gavin

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  1. Hi Gavin,
    I came across your website while I was doing some searching on David Whyte’s poetry (he’s one of my favorite poets!). I was inspired to see the photos of Ireland (one of my favorite places). I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how beautiful your site is – the linkage of the beautiful photographs with the poetry is spiritually moving. Thanks for your work!

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