Cradled in Love CD – Launched!


I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it is to be creating and sending this e-mail, as I’m writing to share with you about the launch and availability of my wife Susan’s new CD, Cradled in Love ~ Lullabies for Everyone.

When my eyes first fell upon Susan in 1987, she was sharing with a large group and I found myself deeply moved by her loving presence and healing, angelic voice. As we began courting each other, and ever since that time, it became so clear that Susan carries a gift from God with the love that flows through her singing.

Over the years, Susan has created over a hundred personalized lullabies for newborns, as well as for adults to support them in healing work with their inner child. With Cradled in Love, she has birthed a collection of original & classic lullabies that beautifully captures the gift of her healing and peaceful voice accompanied by harp, guitar and piano.

“This is a truly beautiful album. Susan’s voice and the settings are a distillation of sanctuary and innocence. The true innocence of all the wisdom and experience of life that has chosen back into the heart of love. Susan’s album is more than the music, which is itself compellingly lovely. It is the experience of peace.”

~ Rob Whitesides-Woo, recording artist

Susan is receiving touching feedback from around the world from those who are moved by her unique voice and lullabies, including:

~ Parents grateful for heart-centered, soothing music that helps their children move into a place of peace at bedtime and sleep more easily (with the parents often finding the lullabies deeply nourishing as well);

~ Hospice volunteers sharing about the profound comfort and presence of peace received by those in transition and their family members;

~ Individuals who are finding Susan’s lullabies an effective resource for working with anxiety and/or insomnia;

~ Those who are integrating listening to Cradled in Love as part of their morning or evening meditative time, as well as being played in transformational workshops focused on opening to love and healing.

I encourage you to visit Susan’s Cradled in Love website and give yourself the gift of listening to passages from the lullabies on the CD (link below). If you are moved, I invite you to pick one up for yourself and possibly for your family members or friends. (These days, I often find it quite challenging to find a sacred gift of an enduring nature to give someone that reflects the love I have for them. Thus, it is quite satisfying to give a gift that touches their heart in a profound way again and again.)


“My goal was to sing the experience

of being held and loved unconditionally.”

~ Susan Frye

So…….enough of my remarkably proud, I hope not-too-biased sharing about the beauty of Susan and the gift of her angelic voice. Here’s her website link for you to partake for yourself if you’d like. And, if you are inspired to pass along any specific ideas or resources for expanding the availability of Cradled in Love into the world — inclusive of forwarding this e-mail to family and friends — Susan and I would sure appreciate your loving support. Thanks!

With blessings of celebration from my grateful heart, Gavin

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