Birthing Our Heart’s Calling


I am privileged to be close friends with two dear people who are in the midst of birthing their long-held prayers into the world:

~ My lovely wife, Susan, has just completed her first CD of sacred, angelic music entitled, CRADLED IN LOVE: Lullabies for Everyone.

~ My dear friend, Bill Goldberg, has just completed writing his latest book, THE “AND” PRINCIPLE: Celebrating a Spirituality That Embraces Our Humanity.

Having been a witness to Susan and Bill’s unfolding creative process during the past year, along with many clients over the years who have dared to step forward to share their gifts, I’m reminded again of the courage, tenacity and wholehearted devotion required to successfully birth one’s heart’s calling. I am in awe of and bow down to both of them. Like the beautiful photo above reminds me, the moment of celebrating a successfully manifested prayer reminds me of the breathtaking beauty of a new dawn.

I also find myself reflecting upon my observations of the process of divine manifestation:

~ Each of us bring into this world our own unique prayers and gifts desiring to be shared

~ There is no greater joy than being fully used for a purpose larger than ourselves

~ Great labor is required – and heartfelt triumph is ours to experience – when we are willing to say “YES” to a larger life that involves serving others

“A great work possesses a special energy. The inner gains from the outer,

and the outer gains from the inner. Without both, the work tends not to last.

Serving something larger needs to also fortify the life of the server.

The surest way of knowing that you’ve found your work is feeling blessed by it.

Not every day or even every week, but overall you know your work

gives you energy and you know it adds something special

or crucial to the lives of others.”

~ Rod MacIver

Sometimes our heart’s calling ushers us into stewarding a larger creative project which challenges us to rise into a greater sense of Self than we’ve previously known, or perhaps simply to meet a particular day or life challenge with a larger measure of our own gentleness and compassion. For these times, may this poem support you in opening to the gift of divine assistance:


by Neil Douglas-Klotz

When you want to lay yourself open for the divine,

like a snare that is hollowed out to its depth,

like a canopy that projects a shadow

from the divine heat and light

into your soul,

then go into your inner place physically,

or to that story or symbol

that reminds you of the sacred.

Close the door of your awareness to

the public person you think yourself to be.

Pray to the parent of creation, with your inner sense,

the outer senses turned within.

Veiling yourself, the mystery

may be unveiled through you.

By opening yourself to the flow of the sacred,

somewhere, resounding in some inner form,

the swell of the divine ocean can move through you.

The breathing life of all reveals itself

in the way you live your life.

With my heartfelt love and blessings your way, Gavin

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