Attunement to Presence


I find myself continuing to “steep” and contemplate upon the theme of inner listening this week, and reflecting on the many ways I’ve discovered over the years that help me attune to my deeper energies and wisdom. Capturing and dialoguing with images from my dreams, spending quiet time in nature, gazing into a fire, morning journaling & reading, sharing myself while looking in a loved one’s eyes, etc. consistently serve me well. I am always astonished at how such pure gold is available from within whenever I remember to partake.

Particularly during this time of such powerful change in our outer world, I am finding it essential to take the time to attune to the place of deeper presence and wisdom that resides inside. This morning, my inner guidance is playfully inviting me to discover new ways to open to Love each day, and providing wise counsel as I reflect upon the next directions for my outer life as we head towards the launch of a new year.

I came upon this quote, which during this time of financial realigning provides me with a wise perspective and an affirming reminder:

“To have abundance in Soul does not mean having lots of things; it means having access to, and communication with, the essence of all things.

Once you are in touch with that, you have all things inside you. You don’t feel any lack. You have fullness and gratitude, and you walk free, knowing that whatever you need will come to you.”

~ John-Roger

Along the same theme, a wonderful poem about listening and opening to new life:


by David Whyte

No one but me by the fire

my hands burning red in the palms

while the night wind carries

everything away outisde.

All this petty worry

while the great cloak of the sky

grows dark and intense

round every living thing

What is precious inside us

does not care

to be known by the mind

in ways that diminish its presence.

What we strive for

in perfection

is not what turns us

into the lit angel we desire,

what disturbs

and then nourishes

has everything

we need.

What we hate in ourselves

is what we cannot know in ourselves

but what is true to the pattern

does need not be explained.

Inside everyone

is a great shout of joy

waiting to be born.

Even with summer so far off

I feel it grown in me now

and ready to arrive in the world.

All those years

listening to those who

had nothing to say.

All those years forgetting

how everything

has its own voice

to make itself heard.

All those years

forgetting how easily

you can belong to everything

simply by listening.

And the slow difficulty

of remembering

how everything is born

from an opposite

and miraculous otherness.

Silence and winter

has led me to that otherness.

So let this winter of listening

be enough

for the new life

I must call my own.

With much Love your way, Gavin

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